HARRIS KONDOSPHYRIS (Greece, Lesbos Island b. 1965 / act: Athens)

Harris Kondosphyris Harris Kondosphyris was born on 14 April 1965 on Lesbos Island, Greece. He studied film direction at Hatjikou School, Athens (1984-1987). He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens (1987-1993). He teaches art in the Department of Plastic Arts and Sciences of Art of the University of Ioannina since 2007. He presented the following lectures: Harris Kondosphyris, Glass Department of San Jose University, California (1998); Department of Cultural Technology and Communication, Mytilini (2004); The Main Name, Cheapart Gallery, Athens (2005); Harris Kondosphyris, University of Newcastle, England (2007); Trauma Queen, Balkan Art, Novi Sad, Serbia (2007); Trauma Queen, State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki (2007).

Harris Kondosphyris presented the following exhibitions: Architecture Machine, Desmos Gallery, Athens (1992); Capricornus Caementum, Mylos Art Gallery, Thessaloniki (1995); Inflectors, Kalfayan Gallery, Thessaloniki (1996); Inflectors-Behind the Mirror, Galerie 3, Athens (1999); Equators, National Technical University of Athens, Zographou (2001); Thea-tis (Her View), Koumantareios Art Gallery, Sparta (2001); Projection, Galerie 3, Athens (2003); Athens-Beijing, Cheapart Gallery, Athens (2004); Adorno in Love, Galerie 3, Athens (2005); Home Sweet Prison, Galerie 3, Athens (2007); Adorno in Love, Globe Gallery, Newcastle (2007); and Electric Home, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens (2008).

Kondosphyris represented Greece in the following international exhibitions: 3rd Biennale for Young Artists of the Mediterranean, Bologna, Italy (1988); Art in Summer, Savingiano, Italy (1992); Configura 2, Erfurt, Germany (1995); 9pus-pool, Street Festival, Izmit 2001, Turkey (2001); Athens - Beijing, 26th Biennale of São Paulo, Brazil (2004); Athens - Beijing, 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing, China (2005); Ravelsbach Art Project, Ravelsbach, Austria (2006); ARTmART, Vienna, Austria (2007); Balkanart, Novi Sad, Serbia, Presentation of the "Trauma Queen" exhibition (2007); and 6th Shenzhen International Sculpture Exhibition, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China (2007).

Kondosphyris took part in the following group exhibitions: Artio Gallery, Athens (1988); Barcelona - Bologna, Municipality of Athens Gallery, Athens (1988); Assault on the Senses, DESTE Foundation, Athens (1991); Modern Art Object, Miraraki Art Gallery, Athens (1992); Landslide, International Symposium on Marble Sculpture, Thasos Island (1992); Exhibition of ASFA Graduates, National Gallery, Athens (1993); Desmos Gallery at Art Athina #1, Athens (1993); Points of Contact, Citibank, Athens (1994); 100cmx100cm, Thema Gallery, Athens (1994); Desmos Gallery at Art Athina #2, Athens (1994); Desmos Gallery at Art Athina #3, Athens (1995); Wipe Your Feet, Antonia Havani Gallery, Corfu (1995); Natura Mater Artis, EAT-ESA, Athens (1995); IX International Sculpture Biennale, Skironeio Centre of Kifissia, Athens (1996); Pain-t, Department 15, Athens (1997); The Metaphor of the Screw, Theodossiadis Building, Piraeus (1997); Relief Drawings, Cheapart Gallery, Athens (1997); New Acquisitions, Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki (1998); Relief Drawings, Cheapart, Epikentro Gallery, Athens (1998); Celestial Machine, Cheapart Gallery, Athens (1999); Fyrogia: Landslide on Sifnos, Sifnos Island (1999); 24 Sunsets in Thasos, Galerie 3, Athens (2000); Fyrogia: Mannequins at the Edge of their Existence, Sifnos (2000); The Artwork the Metro will Buy, Cheapart Gallery, Athens (2000); The Desmos Archive, Rethymno and Thessaloniki (2000); Com-Panis-Companion, Desmos Gallery, Athens (2000); Greek Artists from 1962, Christie's, Athens (2000); 20 Inconceivable Objects, Cheapart Gallery, Athens (2000); Chair-Mirror-Jewel, Galerie 3, Athens (2001); Ariston: Christidi - Kanagini - Kondosphyris - Maragou - Protonotariou - Skourti, Centre for Artistic Creation, Rethymno, Crete (2001); The De Stail Couple, Christie's, Athens (2001); Fyrogia, Purple Earth, Sifnos Island (2001); Maya, Pavlidis Estate, Paeania, Athens (2001); The Crew of Another Era, Battleship Averoff, Faliro (2001); Competition, Cheapart Gallery, Athens (2001); Open Art, Lithography Workshop on Pireos Street, Moschato (2002); 30cmx40cm, Athens Art Gallery, Athens (2002); Undecided Bush, Cheapart, Athens (2002); Zero Point, Cheapart Gallery2002,, Athens (2002); People-Faces-Figures, Municipal Gallery "L. Kanakakis", Rethymno (2002); Purple Earth, Art Space 8, Rethymno (2002); The Big Inflector, Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki (2002); War Art, Ios Art Gallery, Athens (2003); Galerie 3 at Art Athina #10, Athens (2003); European Union, Zappeion Megaron, Athens (2003); Light Between, Diana Gallery Down Town, Athens - Volos (2004); Athens, Metropolis By Mistake?, Bios, Athens - Volos - Larisa (2004); Galerie 3 at Art Athina #11, Athens (2004); 38th Parallel-The Horizon, Skironio Museum Polychronopoulos, Athens (2004); Cheapart, Mylos Art Gallery, Thessaloniki (2004); Homage to Gyzis, House of Exhibitions, Falatados, Tinos Island (2004); Athens by Art, Olympic Exhibition, Athens (2004);, Athens Art Gallery, Athens (2004); Artiade: Olympics of Visual Arts, Olympic Exhibition, Athens (2004); Portraits, Zappeion Megaron, Athens (2005); Galerie 3 at Art Athina #12, Athens (2005); The Art Show, Zina Athanassiadou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki (2005); Cheapart 1995-2005, Mylos Art Gallery, Thessaloniki (2005); Cheapart 1995-2005, Cheapart Gallery, Athens (2005); Cartel, Public works, Athens (2005); 160 Years Since the End of the Second World War, Arts Centre of the Municipality of Athens, Freedom Park, Athens (2005); A4 Project, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (2005); Measuring Love, Syntagma Metro Station Gallery, Syntagma Square, Athens (2006); Erotica, Spilioti Projects, Athens (2006); 4th European Social Forum, Former West Airport, Athens (2006); Art Code: An Anagram in Art, Ianos, Athens (2006); Opening, R.C.Tech, Athens (2006); A Souvenir from Greece, Spilioti Projects, Athens (2006); Voices in All Colors, Athens (2006); One Minute, Alba Space, Athens (2006); Wo(+)Man, 5th International Art Festival For Human Rights, Cheapart, Athens (2006); Cheapart #12, Cheapart, Athens (2006); The Age of Innocence, Spilioti Projects, Athens (2006); ...A Pineapple Doughnut, Reconstruction Community, Municipal Market of Kypseli, Athens (2007); Switch On Switch Off, Art Space, Athens (2007); Galerie 3 at Art Athina: Restart, Athens (2007); Against Censorship, Iasonos 4, Kerameikos, Athens (2007); Urban Legends, Epi Kolono Theater, Athens (2007); In - Situations, Municipal Gallery of Kalamata "A. Tassos" (2007); Realia Mundi, Kydoniaios Foundation, Andros (2007); Botanikos, 10+ installations, Athens (2007); Trauma Queen, Hotel Mediterranean, Omonoia Square, Athens (2007); Open Artistic Studios: Travelogue in the Contemporary Art, organized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Athens (2007); Domiciliary Tradition or Unconditional Surrender, Cheapart, Athens (2007); Birth Place, Benaki Mouseum, Athens (2007); Games without Frontiers, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens (2008); Silent Dialogues: Multimedia Portraits Throughout Time, The American College of Greece - ACG Art, Athens (2008); The Open Mind of Lafcadio Hearn, ACG Art Gallery, The American College of Greece, Athens (2009); and À propos de la Cuisine, Technohoros, Athens (2011).

Harris Kondosphyris currently lives and works in Athens.

[Megakles Rogakos 04/2008]

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