KALLIOPI KOPANITSA MamaBoy 2007 [V/R/P] - x +

CN: KopK2007mabo

MT: mixed media: watercolor on paper mache and clay (24x14x9)

DN: Ms. Kalliopi Kopanitsa - 2008

LC: ACG - Presidential Residence

CM: The MamaBoy belongs to a group of artworks -FishFaces, Swimmers and MamaBoys - that Kalliopi Kopanitsa presented in an exhibition entitled Relaxing on the Beach in 2007 at Gallery 3 of Athens. It is important to notice that in MamaBoys the forms are attached to one another and have become one body. The mother / son relationship in the Mediterranean is often strong to the paint - arguably - of ridicule. The boy is so much attached to his mother that seems to be emerging from her womb. There appears though to be a glimpse of hope for the son's detachement from her. The hope is evoked in the child's gaze. He has the cunning smile of a rascal and is probably treading on his mother's toes.

Owing to Kopanitsa's stage design experience her sculpture usually forms part of a wider scenario. MamaBoy resides on Marathon B - a public beach on Aegina Island, where good gin and tonics are available and where one sees bodies in all shapes and sizes. This woman has certainly ha d her gulp of gin and tonic and ascribes to those mamas who shout "No James, you shan't have a third ice cream!". As a matter of fact she seems to have been exposed to the rest of the public on that beach. The artist who created MamaBoy is quick to disclaim any responsibility for such a "monster". The mama is outsize, while her son has sunburn on his nose. More specifically the woman wears a trendy Nike cap, a swimsuits most likely from Lambropoulos stores, and plastic sea shoes. Despite their unbecoming looks, Kopanitsa is interested in human bodies with all their imperfections because they are vulnerable but at the same time sympathetic. They share a fragility with the potential to evoke compassion along with a smile.

[Megakles Rogakos 09/2008]

PESMAZOGLOU, VASSILIS Kalliopi Kopanitsa: Relaxing on the Beach 2007 Galerie 3, Athens [Greek]