ANGELIKI KORKOU Knowledge 1996 [R/A] - x +

CN: KorA1996know

MT: mixed media: wax, gauze, ink, silver, and oil on canvas in perspex case (31x12x8 / 17x25x2 / F:37x30x20)

DN: Mr. Paul Efstathiou - 2005

LC: ACG - John S. Bailey Library

CM: Angeliki Korkou's Knowledge is a work comprising of two parts: the picture of the soul, which is the painting, and the soul, which is the human effigy. The two parts are inseperable and one depends on the other.

The painting is a chaotic construction of color. It suggests the complication of man's existence - as the artist claims - "that we are confused; that we think with our stomach; and that negativity is death". The hope of salvation from this situation is manifest in the form of the white crosses, which have the power to deliver human existence from sick feelings.

Before the painting stands a human efficy made of wax. This is a puppet of a person, who is chaotic and whose existence is confused. The basis for this sculpture is the wax effigy that is offered by people as a votive offering for prayer. The artist produced a thin disc of tarnished silver, which she placed on the effigy's body, and tied it there with gauze. The disc in relation to the stomach references our present period - as the artist claims - "an age in which man does not think with his heart but with his guts". The tarnish on the silver suggests the shutting up of man's existence; that there is darkness over light. The wrapping in gauze suggest the isolation of our age. The more negative feelings and thoughts the more isolated we are. The seven black spots on the gause evoke the seven 'tsakres' (the points on the human body where energy concentrates), which allow the flow of energy through the body. Should any 'tsakra' be blocked, then that part of the body gets ill. The gause over the mouth is stained by blood to suggest the sterility of speech and - by extension - of the entire body. The mind via the mouth is isolated in that it ignores the truth, which is happiness and light.

Through Knowledge the artist represents the condition of our time, the confusion of man's existence owing to an internal illness. There is always, however, an escape in so far as we strive to use it. Only when the confusion in our minds is cleared, may our existence be freed and the inner truth released.

[Megakles Rogakos 08/2005]