ANGELIKI KORKOU Fortunate Days: White 2003 [R/V] - x +

CN: KorA2003fort

MT: ink and watercolor on two sides of paper (70x100)

TX: incribed with pen at lower right of picture <AKorkou / 2003>

LC: John S. Bailey Library

DN: Mr. Paul Efstathiou - 2005

CM: As a matter of fact Angeliki Korkou is a landscapist. Her works are 'soulscapes' that have to do with psychographs or energetic landscapes that are charged with the intensity of the moment. Most of her works are double-sided, like two consecutive moments or two complimentary situations. Her works titled Fortunate Days describe directly and unadorned a psychological condition. They show continuous aesthetic deviations such as light and darkness, and by extension they represent psychographical changes as happiness and sadness. Therefor, some works are more bright, round, soft, open, and free, while others are more dark, intense, tight, closed, and constrained. Fortunate Days are when man begins to appreciate what it is he says and does, how he acts and understands what every day means. If one is able to abserve every day the fortuitous events of the moment then one has learned a lot about oneself, and what it is one needs to rectify, accept, and avoid in order to leave behind (thought, mentalities, imitations of other people or habits that are not helpful in making substantial advances in life), which means one in the process of everyday learning. The outcome is the balanvce of the soul - acceptance and appreciation of ourselves and of others.

[Megakles Rogakos 08/2005]