PANAYIOTIS KOULOURAS Self Portrait 2008 [R/V] - x +

CN: KouP2008self

MT: watercolor on plaster (33x22x4)

TX: incised at rear lower center in Greek <Plaster + Watercolor ([English] VHCX55 [Greek] BLACK 159051) / Pan. Koulouras 2008>

DN: Ms. Panayiotis Koulouras - 2006

CM: In his study of self portraiture Panayiotis Koulouras engaged with the relief. The present work is part of an on-going series of low reliefs, which began in 2004. In the special reliefs that Koulouras produces, he picks a frame and lines it with plastic membrane, in which he pours plaster. The resulting plaster plaque retains the membrane's plasticity. On the main surface he incised with a knife a linear drawing of his self-portrait. The incision is low and - combined with its monochromy - is legible in an ind irect way. The result is of a picture characterized by aesthetic economy. It concerns a frontal portrait of the artist with all those elements which are expected of a classical artwork - in this instance the face appears with reading glasses and the bust is dressed with a shirt over a blouse. Quintessential about the resulting portrait is for space to become the figure's organic and harmonious continuity. Space is not something islolated but the figure's essence. The patterns that have resulted from the membrane unify the two concepts. Further on, the relief, which is enlivened by oblique light, was painted over by mat black paint. As known, the black color - as opposed to white - has the capacity to captivate all the light's frequencies. Thus the relief attains an alternative aesthetic, which endows the material with an 'interior' quality.

[Megakles 02/2008]