NIKOS KRYONIDIS Guitar 2000 - x +

CN: KryN2000guit

MT: mixed media: acrylic on PVC and guitar case in perspex vitrine (30x105x45)

IL: Yannis Kolokotronis 2007, p.283, 292-293

DN: Mr. Nikos Kryonidis - 2007

LC: ACG - Communications Building, Studio Theater Lobby

CM: Aside from being an artist, Nikos Kryonidis is also a songwriter and plays the guitar. He considers the guitar to be a vehicle and, in this case, gives it the shape of the ferryboat, which connects Thassos Island with Keramoti of Kavala. This work's conception is culturally charged by the memory of the biblical ark, with the high symbolism of its eco-message about the conservation of the animal species. Above all, however, Kryonidis' Guitar concerns a new artistic expression. For Kryonidis, music has the ability to save the human condition and, by extension, life itself, which is symbolized by the animals. On the one hand, the ark saves the animals and on the other it makes them travel, just as man travels through life. With his Guitar, Kryonidis makes a composition out of a number of animals. The guitar's case simply delineates the space wherein these animals congregate. As an artist, Kryonidis feels that he defines the world from scratch, just like the Creator. He explains life and rearranges it. The animals are positioned based on their needs and qualities. For instance, there is a turtle at the ark's stern and bow because - as an ancient animal - it bears the age old memory and has experience of the path of evolution. The giraffe is situated on the ark's tower as its captain. The horse stands out on the ark's side for its elegance. The chimpanzee ocuppies a privileged location next to the horse as man's direct ancestor. Kryonidis uses monochromy with reference to ancient sculptures, whose color is washed by time, so that the work may be self-referential, focusing on its plasticity and the purity of the author's concept.

[Megakles Rogakos 09/2007]

KOLOKOTRONIS, YANNIS New Greek Art 1974-2004 2007 Foundation of Thracian Art and Tradition, Xanthi [Greek]