PELAGIA KYRIAZI Final Domicile 1996-1999 - x +

CN: KyrP1999domi

MT: monotype: water based ink on Somerset velvet paper (70x56)

IL: Megakles Rogakos 2005, p.16-17

PR: Athens Art Gallery, Athens - 1999

CM: Kyriazi's series entitled Final Domicile comprises some thirty works, which were exhibited at the Athens Art Gallery in 1999. The title is a direct response to the following poem by the artist's deceased brother:

"It is these stars that you see leave their balconies / deign to enter your father's house / unworthy of themselves or of your worship / take their places around the black lake of immortality / now becoming your final domicile / in your father's house / now becoming an ecumenical temple" [Michalis Kyriazis, 1976]

In this work from the Final Domicile series, Kyriazi revisited an already existing painting of hers. Digitization becomes her means by which to multiply the aesthetic possibility of the original picture. The resulting picture encapsulates within it all the preceding moments, including the sum of the emotional conditions and the aesthetic gradations that the process required.

The Final Domicile series consists of pictures that are - at first sight - irrelevant, but which - as a whole - create an ongoing relationship of text (overt message) and sub-text (implied meaning). The picture's main aesthetic ingredients of color and form are reversed, extended, and mutated to result into an ever-renewed relation between text and sub-text. Moreover, the entire set is discerned in two categories; certain works are 'optical' (predominantly aesthetic), while others are 'psychographical' (evidently narrative). Though every picture is autonomous, it nevertheless relates to the others. The positioning of pictures in any prospective exhibition always acquires meaning anew. Therefore, this version of the Final Domicile, which is 'optical', is ready to be invested with new meaning based on its neighbouring pictures in every version of its environment.

[Megakles Rogakos 11/2005]

ROGAKOS, MEGAKLES Pelagia Kyriazi: Psychographs 2005 ACG Art, Athens