ATHINA LATINOPOULOU Selfportrait 1985 - x +

CN: LatA1985self

MT: oil on canvas (70x60)

TX: signed with brush at lower left in Greek <A.A. Latinopoulou / 1985>

DN: Ms. Athina Latinopoulou - 2007

CM: The Self-Portrait of Athina Latinopoulou belongs to series of works from 1983-1985, whose discerning constituents are a wall against a sky. This series has been characterized as 'geometrical' owing to the rectangular patterns and the lines. They are unusual artworks, in the sense the wall is not painted, but is left as plain raw canvas. This painting presents the soles of the artist as they emerge above a wall, behind which lies the rest of her body. The composition includes her blouse, which has been thrown and landed on the wall. This blouse is the artist's favorite and she has often represented it. With its unusual array of colors successively in stripes (gray, blue, purple, yellow and white) the blouse in enlivened with the help of the light and shadow.

Latinopoulou's Self-Portrait of is one of her beloved artworks and she is particularly fond of its playful quality. As a self-portrait it is peculiar and removed from traditional portraiture. The position of the face is taken over by the feet, which are as unique as the hands. Anybody familiar with the art of Latinopoulou knows that her works are homages to nature. In this case, where the sky and the wall are deprived of naturalism, nature appears in the form of ants. Latinopoulou includes ants in nearly all her compositions. As a matter of fact she claims that nature is filled with ants and says that "when one rests on the garden an ant is likely to turn up". These creatures may be found inside the painting but they are placed discreetly. In the present case the background for one ant is formed by the shadow of the blouse and for another by the sky. As a matter of fact her study of ants made them so familiar to her that Latinopoulou represents them from memory.

[Megakles 01/2007]