NINETTA LOGOTHETI Portraits: Frigo 2003 Barcelona - x +

CN: LogN2003frig

MT: inkjet print on aluminum (50x70)

DN: Ms. Ninetta Logotheti - 2006

LC: ACG - Attica Tradition Educational Foundation, Athens

CM: With Frigo Ninetta Logotheti presents an unusual artwork, which furthers the tradition of portraiture. The present photograph reproduces a trash bin of Park Güell in Barcelona. The upper part of the bin reflects in a symmetrical arrangement branches of a palm tree. The lower part of the bin is occupied by a poster which advertises ice cream. The poster presents a female face, parts of which someone unknown has painted over with color. Such an intervention takes the face away from the advertisement's original intention; to allure prospective clients with the product. The face is estranged to a degree that renders it unforgettable. The eyes have been painted over with lush gold paint that makes them seem self-luminous and extra-terrestrial. The mouth covered with silver and gold paint removes the face from the context of advertising and characterizes it with traits that are primitive, nearly cannibalistic. Consequently, the logo of the advertised company "Frigo", rather than convince by name for the refreshing quality of the icecream, becomes instead synonymous to a surreal combination of the exoticism of the surrounding orgiastic plants and the gothicism of the dark satan whose apetite known no limits. In closing let it be noticed that Frigo is the result of the photographer's choice to immortalize a picture of the kind that lends itself freely to whomever wills to notice it.

[Megakles 08/2006]