MARTHA LYBERI Auto-Portrait: Mask 2005 - x +

CN: LybM2005mask

MT: mixed media: digital print on paper, styrofoam, satin fabric (83x66x10)

TX: signed with felt pen at lower right vertically in Greek <M. Lyberi '05>, inscribed with felt-pen at rear center left <autoportrait / Martha Lyberi '05>

IL: Megakles Rogakos 2008, #142

DN: Ms. Martha Lyberi in memory of her father Dimitrios Lyberis - 2007

CM: Martha Lyberi's Self-Portrait: Mask was commissioned for an exhibition entitled Mask at Art Prisma of Piraeus in 2005. Lyberi chose to create a self-portrait at her apartment in Athens using a video camera. She appears nude from the waist up, and has smudged her face in fuschia lipstick. The smudgy effect of the lipstick on her face expresses a feel for primitivism, as an attempt to concentrate attention on the sitter's emotional disposition. The source of light is direct sunlight creating a hole around her face and body. The particular Mask is the outcome of an attempt to externalize an inner world; that is to inverse the mask's role as a means of exposure rather than concealment. The masked face expresses a truth, which usually hides under the skin - the absolute desire which one suppresses within oneself. The scene seems to represent a wild animal being interrupted from its feast. Annoyed from the momentary interruption, it stretches its arms to have more from that which it desires and which at that moment it needs intensely. In this sense, the Mask presents a form of 'vampyrism'. The picture comes into strong contrast with its frame. The fabric covering the frame could be interpreted as the garment that the sitter would wear - elegant and luxurious - which also serves as a mask for the beast that wears it.

[Megakles Rogakos 03/2007]

ROGAKOS, MEGAKLES Silent Dialogues: Multimedia Portraits Throughout Time 2008 The American College of Greece - ACG Art, Athens