JANNIS MAILLIS Reflection 1986 Aegina Island - x +

CN: MaiJ1986refl

MT: C-type print on paper, matted in original frame (41x60 / F:57x77x2)

TX: signed with felt pen at lower right <Jannis Maillis>, inscribed with felt pen at rear lower left in Greek <To The American College of Greece / one of the "Reflections" of / Jannis Maillis which are found / permanently at the Museum of Photography / in the city of Munich. / Anna Mailli / Athens 26/12/06>

IL: Evi Antonatou & Marie Mauzy 2005, p. 98 / Jannis Maillis; Odyseus Elytis; Minos Argyrakis; Tassos Alevizos; Spyros Vassiliou 1987, p.32-33

DN: Mrs. Anna Maillis - 2006

LC: ACG - Student Success Center

CM: Over the years Jannis Maillis created a long series of photographs based on reflections of objects reflected on the surface of the water. Maillis wrote: "One day my interest began to be roused by reflections and the interplay of colors in the moving waters with the rays of the sun changed into five compositions so perfect that they seemed to be the work of a great master. But then these compositions dissolved and gave way to another theme, equally or even more harmonious than the preceeding one. These countless impressions evolved into hallucinations. I longed to immobilize these hallucinations and to play with them. So the sensitive photographic lens began to record and captivate each movement in the flow of time - an orgy of patterns and colors. For me, photography became transformed into painting without my intervention. Nature is a great creator - this time it has revealed to us one of its countless secrets - in its capacity as an artist." [The Photographic Journeys of Ioannis Maillis 2005 p.212]. This image was one of Maillis' favorite in the Reflection series. According to Mrs. Anna Maillis, though the object reflected on the water here is an orange inner tube, the photographer felt like seeing an entanglement of feet belonging to a man and a woman. This version of Reflection was exhibited at Skoufa Gallery in 1986, and another edition of it was exhibited at Augenblicke im Spiel der Wellen (Reflections on the Sea) at the Munich Glyptothek in 1987 and subsequently donated to the Bavarian State Insititute for Photography, as acknowledged by its director, Dr. Ulrich Pohlman.

[Megakles Rogakos 12/2006]

J. MAILLIS; O. ELYTIS; M. ARGYRAKIS; A. TASSOS; S. VASSILIOU; e.a. Augenblicke im Spiel der Wellen 1987 Prestel-Verlag, München
EVI ANTONATOU & MARIE MAUZY The Photographic Journeys of Ioannis Maillis 2005 Adam Editions, Athens