FILIPPOS MANOS Study For The Portrait Of My Father 1989 - x +

CN: ManF1989fath

MT: graphite on paper, glazed in wooden frame by Le Nid (70x50 / F:88x67x2)

TX: inscribed with pencil at upper left <1989>, at lower right in Greek <Manos 89 / * study for the portrait of / my father. Lamia 1989. Summer.>

PB: Filippos Manos: Drawing 1986-1999 2006 Artline & Genesis, Thessaloniki, p.54

DN: Mr. Filippos Manos - 2008

CM: Filippos Manos included his Study For The Portrait Of My Father in the catalog with works of the period from 1986 to 1999, in order to highlight the importance of drawing in his art. Every drawing of Manos is an autonomous artwork. Especially in portraiture Manos negotiates form with a feel for experimentation in order to master it. From an entire series of experimental drawing, the present one may be the most representative and sentimental because of its subject - the artist's father. For this study Manos aimed to challenge the tradition of portraiture - the representation of a portrait starting from the surrounding environment and moving towards the center of its composition. Consequently he began from the point that Eastern religions describe as 'Third Eye' - the area located between the nose and the eyebrows. Therefore the head is 'built' from the nucleus outwards. This study was executed directly from the model's pose. Deviating from the basic calculations of classical drawing, Manos attempted to draw by calculating distances. With the aid of light, Manos identified junctural points on the face, which he connected in order to bring forth forms. The axis that were formed weigh the inclinations of the characteristic facial features - the mouth, the nose and the eyes. These axis resulted from a conceptual calculation that determines the relationships between the figure's elements and endows the figure with structure. The Study For The Portrait Of My Father did not extend to reach the hair, but rather ended with the axis. It was completed through its feel of unfinishedness. As a drawing it owes its power exactly in its feel of not being finished.

[Megakles 05/2008]

DIMITREAS, VANGELIS / PAPADOPERAKI, ASPASIA / MANOS, FILIPPOS Filippos Manos: Drawing 1986-1999 2006 Artline & Genesis, Thessaloniki [Greek]