ANA MATHIOU Maps: Untitled 1992 - x +

CN: MatA1992maps

MT: mixed media: acrylic, glitter and letraset on paper (26x19 / F:50x40x4)

IL: Megakles Rogakos 2011, p.58-59

DN: Ms. Ana Mathiou - 2011

LC: ACG Art Storage

CM: Ana Mathiou's present Untitled work is in dialogue with and relates to Phaedon Anastasiadis' Extra-Terrestrial on many levels - the time of creation, the composite materials, the size and the technique. It is part of a series of works entitled Maps, whose bulk was produced in the period 1990-1995. It is concerned with the concept of map as a guide for exploring the world. The map is an instrument that helps man in his effort to orientate himself, to record and to understand the world. The way of its presentation resembles the sight of the dissected human body, with its organs, neurons, arteries and veins. Mathiou's present work is characterized by analogous complexity. The colors she uses refer as much to the geographical map as to the human anatomy, but in an abstract way. Mathiou attempts to aestheticaly approach the function of the world and the human mind. However, what science specifies, Mathiou expresses abstractly. Her choice to include in the present map numbers is purely symbolic, since the numbers are the most familiar element of understanding and communication. The composition refers to the human anxiety to understand and rationalize existential questions - Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? These questions are essentially unanswerable. However, in her attempt to represent them through unrealistic maps, Mathiou produces rather magic. It concerns a visual game about the essence of existence, which - despite its anti-epistemological nature - happens with poetic license.

[Megakles Rogakos 10/2011]

EUGENIA ALEXAKI & MEGAKLES ROGAKOS Encounters: Eclectic Affinities with the art of Phaedon Anastasiadis 2011-2012 Melina Mercouri Cultural Center, Athens / Teloglion Foundation of Art, Thessaloniki