ANDRIANA MEYER Stamos 1994 New York - x +

CN: MeyA1994stam

MT: silver print on paper, glazed in wooden frame by Le Nid (16x23 / F:34x41x1)

TX: inscribed with felt pen at rear lower right <ANDRIANA MEYER / "STAMOS" FEB. 1994, NEW YORK>, signed below <Andriana Meyer>

DN: Dr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Meyer - 2006

CM: In Andriana Meyer's words: "I met Stamos through Takis Efstathiou in 1993 in New York. Stamos was quite a grouchy man and particular about whom he would talk and spend time with. After meeting him several times on different occasions, he eventually agreed to a photographic session at the home of Takis Efstathiou, with his paintings in the background. This session took place in an evening of Februarry 1994. Stamos was quite an impatient person, so I had to act quickly but carefully. I was quite intrigued by his directness and frankness. As the quality of flux is so characteristic of his art, I wanted to capture the flux of his own being. Every line and wrinkle on his face and hands felt like a landmark of a lost or won battle." Obviously, in this photograph Meyer used a strong light source, which accentuated Stamos presence. Meyer also chose to use black-and-white film out of her interest in dark shadows and light reflections. The composition of this picture turned out to be remarkably balanced, with the light area of the painted background and the lit bust of Stamos positioned diametrically opposite one another.

[Megakles 09/2006]