SPYROS MOSCHOUTIS Lafcadio Hearn: Illumination 2009 - x +

CN: MosS2009illu

MT: mixed media: acrylic and spray on paper, steel mesh, digital prints on PVC, and CD on wood (92x103)

TX: signed with brush at lower left of picture in Greek <SMoschoutis>, inscribed above <illumination>

IL: Megakles Rogakos 2009, p.68-69

DN: Mr. Spyros Moschoutis - 2009

LC: ACG - John S. Bailey Library

CM: Spyros Moschoutis considers the moment in his life when he met Lafcadio Hearn to be an illumination. He was inspired to create Illumination by reading the biography of Lafcadio, where he came across a restless man who lived energetically. The archival photo from 1900, when he was teaching at the Imperial University of Tokyo, is the cornerstone of the composition. This photograph reveals all his experience through his face. On the left side of the composition Moschoutis painted a copy of the photograph at such an angle that Lafcadio would be looking straight into the sun in the upper center. In Moschoutis' mind, Lafcadio faced the challenges of life armed with metaphysical illuminations. The CD in the position of the sun is the source of intellectual power. Moschoutis depicted golden rays of light emanating from the socket of the absent eye. These rays serve as the means through which Lafcadio communicates with the source. He placed an exact copy of the photograph on the right side of the composition, thus juxtaposing the portrait as the living present and the photograph as historical past. The two portraits are placed at the same angle so they can communicate with each other. The work is covered by a transparent metal screen to make it seem even more unrealistic. Lafcadio was an unpredictable man, and the cover creates a fog of history. The roses that decorate the entire surface of the work symbolize religion and life in Japan. The dark background indicates that Lafcadio came from the real world but created his own. He has his feet on the ground and his head in the clouds.

[Megakles Rogakos 19/12/2009]

ROGAKOS, MEGAKLES The Open Mind of Lafcadio Hearn 2009 The American College of Greece - ACG Art, Athens