KLEOPATRA MOURSELA Urban Landscape 2008 - x +

CN: MouK2008urba

MT: oil on canvas (150x230)

TX: signed with felt pen at rear upper right in Greek <Kleopatra Moursela 2008>, inscribed sdeways <Take care so that the picture is not smudged on its sides>

DN: Ms. Lili Frangou - 2009

CM: Kleopatra Moursela';s Urban Landscapes is an ongoing series of work that began in 2004. This series is inspired by the urban space and represents an archetypal sense of it. The work's prevalent element is its structure that has its stylistic origin in geometric abstraction. Moursela exposes the following thoughts about this series: "I create neutral complexes of urban spaces using flat chromatic surfaces, rejecting the illusion of depth and perspective. The repetition of lines causes and cancels the juxtapositions, reverses intensities, causing the impression of flatness and continuity. The color is minimized and undermined on the surface; the nuances of grey prevail and balance through repetition and simplicity, through the juxtaposition of colored and colorless." The present work is entirely covered by color. Here, Moursela creates a compact picture, which sucks elements of the urban landscape. She uses frugal neutral colours that would far from bother the eye. The green references the color of cement with a patina of old Athens, while the orange is a straightforward contemporary urban color. In their succession the green with orange harmonize the antique with the industrial. The light blue color is a reference to the sky, which manages to enter the buildings and penetrate them. Moursela intends her Urban Landscape not to cause any committed impressions, to produce constrained sentiment, and to be beautiful without being about beauty. However, despite the picture's purity and the artist's disinterested disposition, the vertical lines of the Urban Landscape in question cannot but bring to mind ancient Greek columns.

[Megakles Rogakos 01/2009]