EVANGELOS MOUSTAKAS (Greece, Piraeus b. 1930 / act: Attiki, Pallini)

Evangelos Moustakas Evangelos Moustakas was born on 14 February 1930 in Piraeus, Greece. He studied sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1950-1954) under Michalis Tombros. He taught drawing at the Athena High School in Athens. With support from the State Scholarship Foundation - IKY he continued his studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti Firenze (1960-1963), engraving under Vanni and sculpture under Berti and Albano. In Florence he became familiar with the art of bronze casting at the Bruno Bearzi Art Foundries. While in Florence, Moustakas exhibited his work with De Chirico, Gutuso, Rosai, Sassu, Sofici, and Tosi. At that period he also collaborated with the German architect Walter Gropius (1883-1969). Moustakas has been awarded many distinctive prizes, including the Gold Medal of the Biennale d' Alexandrie, Egypt (1968).

Evangelos Moustakas has presented works in the following reports: World Festival, Moscow, Russia (1957); VI Exhibition of Tourism, Pistoia, Italy (1962); Galeria Martelli, Florence, Italy (1963); Biennale Zagreb, Yugoslavia (1964); Modern Greek Art, Sofia, Bulgaria (1966); Biennale of Filothei, Athens (1966); Biennale d' Alexandrie, Egypt (1968); X São Paulo Biennial, Brazil (1969); Duke Art Museum, USA (1970); 2ieme Biennale International de la Petite Sculpture, Budapest, Hungary (1973); Greek Art Today, London (1978); 2nd Arcadian Festival: A Tribute to the 40th Anniversary of Tripoli's Liberation from the German Occupying Forces, Tripoli (1984); Actions, Korai Pavement, Athens (1988); L' Eau et L 'Europe, Tours, France (1990); La Sculpture Grecque Contemporaine, Paris, France (1991); Sculpture, Pierides Museum, Athens (1993); Greece in Antwerp, organized by the Vorres Museum, Belgium (1993); and Links of Life and Art, Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Athens (2007); Spring of Arts, Town Hall, Peristeri (2008).

The best-known works by Evangelos Moustakas include: Monument of Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki (1974); Monument of Fallen Aviators at the Academy of the Air Force Base of Dhekelia (1980); Monument of Fallen Aviators in Pallini (1980); Monument of Fallen Aviators in Pikermi (1982); Monument of Fallen Aviators at Tanagra Airport (1987); National Resistance Memorial in Thessaloniki (1989); Monument of Vatikiot Sailor in Neapoli of the Peloponnese (1997); Monument of Fallen Aviators at Karaiskaki Square of Athens (2000); Monument of the Hero Kyriacos Matsis in Nicosia, Cyrpus (2002); Memorial of the Olympic Boxer in Peristeri (2004); and The Balancer in Peristeri (2008). Moustakas has also created the following medals: Aristotle for the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1978); Alexander the Great - Athos - Vassilios Voulgaroktonos for the Association for Macedonian Studies, Thessaloniki (1979); World Congress of Canon, Athens (1979); Greek-Swedish Sculpture Symposium, Kavala (1999); 43rd Congress of World Health, Athens (1990); and Lafcadio Hearn, Athens (1998). Artworks by Moustakas are kept at the following institutions: The American College of Greece, Athens; Averoff Museum, Metsovo; Museum of Florina, North Greece; Museum of Molyvos, Mytilene Island; Museum of Resistance at Pelendri of Cyprus - Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, North Carolina; National Gallery - Alexandros Soutzos Museum, Athens; The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Pieridis Museum, Athens & Nicosia; and Vorres Museum, Peania.

Evangelos Moustakas currently lives and works in Pallini of Attiki, Greece.

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