EVANGELOS MOUSTAKAS Medal for the Symposium of Lafcadio Hearn 1998 Athens [R/P/V] - x +

CN: Mous1998hear

MT: bronze (7x6x1)

TX: raised at verso on periphery in English <KOIZUMI·YAGUMO·SYMPOSIUM·>, at center <1998>, at recto periphery in Greek <LAFCADIO HEARN SYMPOSIUM> at center <ATHENS / 1998>, hallmarked at edge in English <E.I.MOUSTAKAS>

ED: épreuve

DN: Mrs. Zoe Savina - 2008

CM: Upon receiving the commission to create the Medal for the Symposium of Lafcadio Hearn, Evangelos Moustakas thought immediately of 'kotinos' - a wreath made of olive that is wild and therefore sacred, as sole award for the winners of the Olympic Games. Hearn is worthy of 'kotinos' because he honored with his being and his acievement both the East and the West. Therefore Moustakas created a loosely modeled kotinos in relief to embraces the medal's two facets, mentioning '1998' on their center - the year in which the first Symposium of Lafcadio Hearn took place in Athens. In the medal's periphery Moustakas wrote the honored name 'Yagumo Koizumi' on the verso as he was called in Japan, and 'Lafcadio Hearn' on the recto, as he was known in the West. In this latter facet Moustakas was inspired to draw a deep line that separates the medal diagonally and asymmetrically into two parts. This line is like a canal referring to the uniform and composite nature of Lafcadio Hearn - the 'homo universalis' who - Greek by birth - became Japan's national poet. He broke the shackles of his identity and separated his own 'being' - changing his name and sowing the seed of multiculturalism. With this rare medal by Evangelos Moustakas the Japanese Embassy in Greece awarded the fifteen eminent scientists who gathered at the Symposium to honor Lafcadio Hearn.

[Megakles 02/2008]