ELENI MYLONAS SunHead 2007 [C/T/P] - x +

CN: MylE2007sunh

MT: mixed media: stone, galvanized metal and water (BUCKET:32x52x54 / STONE:19x44x34 / BASE:30x50x50)

IL: Megakles Rogakos 2008, #169

DN: Mrs. Eleni Mylonas - 2007

CM: Eleni Mylonas' SunHead is her first work that combines stone, water and metal. Herewith is presented the portrait of the sun carved out of porous stone readily found in nature in her estate on Aegina Island. The artist's intervention is minimal and based on the initial form of the stone, in keeping with her intention to render only a portrait's archetypal impression. Subsequently Mylonas placed the SunHead in the closed environment of a compatible metal bucket in oval shape. The bucket has to do with childhood memories, at a time before the advent of plastic. Galvanized metal as a material is familiar and durable, and ages beautifully. In her effort to endow life to inanimate material Mylonas poured water inside the bucket to moisten the stone's surface. At once a fertile relationship developed between materials and their appearance changed in a way that the SunHead acquired a lively dimension. A feeling of surprise with surrealistic quality was immediately evoked. As a matter of fact, when the deep holes in the eyes' sockets are filled with water convex lenses are formed, which reflect whatever they see. The SunHead is a comment on the human condition, which is every time characterized by a strong personality. Moreover, Mulonas explains that the detached head refers to the condition of antiquities that survive time in fragments. The SunHead is as if it were found in some archaeological site. However, Mylonas desires to create the impression that her work is independent of space or time. The SunHead presents a strong picture, whose references vary for every different beholder.

[Megakles Rogakos 09/2007]

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