NUMISMATIC MUSEUM OF ATHENS NMA Commemorative Medal: Diet 2005 Athens [R/V] - x +

CN: NMA-2005diet

MT: bronze (Ø:3)

DN: Numismatic Museum of Athens, Athens - 2005

CM: The medal entitled Dietwas minted by the Numismatic Museum of Athens on the occasion of the 'European Cultural Heritage Days' in 2005. In this respect, on 23 and 24 September 2005, NMA organized in its gardens two open days exploring the theme From the Market... to the Kitchen: The Cost of Diet from Ancient Times to the Present. The medal which has been associated with this year's theme, Diet, bears on its obverse the representation of a vine, inspired from the ancient coin of the city of Maroneia, while its reverse depicts the façade of Iliou Melthron, the historical building designed by Ernst Tschiller, housing today the Numismatic Museun of Athens.

The vine on The Diet's obverse serves as a reminder of the significance of wine production - evidence of the main source of wealth in ancient cities and their intrinsic association with the cultivation of grapes. Let the other significance of wine be notted, which quenched the nostalgia of the Acheans when they were conquering Troy, and which served Odysseus to get the Cyclops drunk in order to escape him. Like the stater of Maroneia (385-350 B.C.), as in the more ancient tetradrachm of Mendes (430 B.C.) - the obverse is occupied by a linear square, which surround the symmetrical and emblematic representation of the dominant vine. The plant in it slow form laden with four bunches of grape and respective branches occupying the coin's center. Presiding in the composition in high relief are the grapes, full of juice and promises for good wine and profits. Amongst them are the trunk and the branches which bend from the load, and the small leaves that fill the composition.

The Diet medal was issued by the Bank of Greece in a mix of copper (75%) and nickel (25%).

[Megakles Rogakos 11/2005]