NELLY'S Bust Portrait of Mr. Chrysanthos Karavias (1877-1943) ca. 1935 Santorini Island [R/A] - x +

CN: NelS1935kara

MT: silver print on paper, glazed within original frame (28x22 / F:33x26x3)

TX: embossed at lower left of border in English <PHOTO / NELLY'S / ATHENS>, inscribed by the sitter's son with fountain pen at rear lower center in Greek <He passed through to eternity / on the fatal day of 11 . 1 . 1943 / day of the week Monday time 4.28 / morning in Evangelismos Hospital ->

DN: Mr. Megakles Rogakos - 2007

CM: A survey carried out on 25 July 2008 identified the person depicted in this portrait by Nelly's to be Mr. Chrysanthos Karavias (1877-1943). The Governor of Evaggelismos Hospital, Dr. Antonios N. Kontaratos, wrote the following enlightening text: "My belief that the depicted person in the photograph, who passed away at Evaggelismos Hospital on 11 January 1943, is Chrysanthos Karavias rests on the fact that Nelly's was much concerned with the people and landscape of Santorini Island." The namesake grandson of Chrysanthos Karavias, who presently lives and works at Fira of Santorini Island, confirmed the identification, and acknowledges owning a large version of this portrait. He also mentioned his grandfather was born in 1887 in Ithaca Island. He came to Santorini Island to work in its port as a pilot of boats, and founded a shiping agency, which continues to operate over three generations.

[Megakles Rogakos 07/2008]

Dear Mr. Rogakos, In response to your letter of 12 August 2008, I would like to inform you as follows: Chrysanthos Anastasiou Karavias was born in 1877 in Ithaca island, second son of six children (George - 1875, Chrysanthos - 1877, Michael - 1887, Emmanuel - 1889, Eleni and Marianthi) of the captain from Ithaca Anastasios Georgiou Karavias and Anna Antypas from Cephalonia island. The family moved to Santorini Island towards the end of the eighteenth century. Chrysanthos married Margarita Papadopoulou from Thira (Santorini) and had nine children (three boys and six girls). The only one to remain in Santorini after his death was Emmanuel (Manos), who continued in the same professional activity. The other children moved to Athens. He was master and owner of two large sailing boats "Chrysanthos" and "Margarita" that made trips to the Black Sea. "Margarita" sank laden with goods at Ios island. He worked as a pilot of boats in the port of Fira, founded a Maritime Agency, and acted as a trading representative. He was President of Fira community and Commissioner of Churches. During his life he offered rich charity work as he: a) hosted in his privately-owned homes at Lower Fira needy elderly widows of Thireot seafarers; b) took care of a Turkish refugee from the Hamidiye region of Asia Minor, baptized him an Orthodox Christian by the name Michael Antypas (the name of his brother and the surname of his mother from Cephalonia) and wedded him with a Thireot from Megalochori (Chrysanthosí children baptized Michaelís children); c) helped several families during the difficult period of the German occupation, and d) was known to say to his wife: "Be charitable Margarita for the sake of our children!". By the name 'Chrysanthos' the Karavias family memoralizes its ancestor, the teacher Chrysanthos Karavias (1731-1812), who served as Director of the Evangelical School of Smyrna. The Maritime Agency that Chrysanthos Anastasiou Karavias created continues to operate in the third generation under his grandson, the signatory, Chrysanthos Emmanuel Karavias in the same building facility. Thank you very much for addressing the history of our family and I will be happy to receive you as my guest in Santorini and get to know you better. Yours faithfully, Chrysanthos Manou Karavias