CHRYSSA NIKOLERI Diary 7 2009 Cusco - x +

CN: NikC2009di07

MT: chromogenic print laminated on aluminum (43x42)

TX: signed with felt pen at rear lower right in English <"DIARIES" Chryssa / Nikoleri / 2009>

DN: Ms. Chryssa Nikoleri - 2012

LC: Athens Laboratory of Business Administration - ALBA, Classrom Lobby, Level 2

CM: Chryssa Nikoleris appreciates the aesthetics of Polaroid, which she calls "timelessness" and translates into color and nostalgia. With a disposal to experiment, Nikoleri photographed her Diaries with Polaroid film, then scan ned the images and printed them on photographic paper. The Diaries deal with the issue of memory and nostalgia. As archive, they depict private moments from the past of the photographer - excerpts from her everyday life in different parts of the world. Nikoleris has noticed that viewers feel that her works appear strangely familiar to them. As Nikoleri's subjects are common, they are reminiscent of something from the lives of the viewers, but in actual fact they are genuine and unique images.

Diary 7 presents a motorcycle that Nikoleri came across in Cuzco, Peru. Spending her summers in California, the photographer experienced the motorcycle as a symbol of free life. She says that in the present composition the patterns that are of interest are found in the background. The light , as it is filtered through the leaves, creates a state of camouflage. The multilayered quality creates a plethora of shadows with reference to a metaphysical dimension.

[Megakles Rogakos 04/2012]