ASPASIA PAPADOPERAKI Drawing for C.P. Cavafy 1983 / 2003 - x +

CN: PAsp1983cava

MT: offset print on paper (72x50)

TX: inscribed with pencil at lower left of image <383/400>, signed further right in Greek <A. Papadoperaki 03>

DN: Mrs. Aspasia Papadoperaki - 2007

CM: Constantine Petrou Cavafy, one of the most prominent Greek poets, was born on April 29, 1863 and died on the same date in 1933 in Alexandria (Egypt). Here's a short biographical note by the poet himself: "I am from Constantinople by descent, but I was born in Alexandria, at a house on Seriph Street. I left very young, and spent much of my childhood in England. Subsequently I visited this country as an adult, but for a short period of time. I have also lived in France. During my adolescence I lived over two years in Constantinople. It has been many years since I last visited Greece. My last employment was as a clerk at a government office under the Ministry of Public Works of Egypt. I know English, French, and a little Italian." Cavafy was a cosmopolitan by birth, his family roots extending from Constantinople to London (via Alexandria, Trebizond, Chios, Trieste, Venice and Vienna). Cavafy rarely left Alexandria: he took some day trips and excursions in Egypt (especially to Cairo in the winter, as had been his father's custom) but after 1885 he traveled abroad only five times: in 1897 he visited Paris and London (with his brother John-Constantine), in 1901 and 1903 he visited Athens (with his brother Alexander), and in 1905 he travelled again to Athens to be with the dying Alexander. His next (and ultimate) trip abroad came twenty-seven years later, once again to Athens (with Aleko and Rika Singhopoulo), for reasons of his own health.

[Megakles 09/2007]