PETROS PANAGOS Full Moon at Lefkada 1986 - x +

CN: PPan1986lefk

MT: watercolor on paper, matted and glazed within metal frame (25x36 / F:38x50x2)

TX: signed with pencil at lower right of picture in Greek <Panagos 1986>

DN: Ms. Theodora Georgaki - 2010

LC: ACG - John S. Bailey Library

CM: As known, Petros Panagos was passionate about Lefkada and never lived away from her, but when he committed himself to military service. Indeed, whenever he visited his mother in Athens, he ensured to return to Lefkada on the same day. In the catalogue of his personal exhibition in 1986 at Thedoros Stamos Gallery Panagos wrote: "A picture for me counts as a result regardless of subject and material. The love for a place and sentimentality is certainly something touching but are not artistic criteria. Believing that harmony and beauty are pervasive even in the dumps of Gyra I strive to convey them on paper while avoiding to produce topographical or biographical art. I love watercolor. The mobility and transparency of water in connection with the fast passing of time, the stability of the hand that requires rapid execution, the selfish opposition to any attempt to conceal error, were elements that binded me to this artform. By painting I trying to create from Lefkadiot landscape strange and fleeting lighting and moments without wishing to completely renounce the main subject. Whether I succeed or not is for you to decide." Panagos had great mastery and skill in watercolor. This present work presents the moon rising over Mount Lamia, in front of the lagoon of Lefkada Town. The picture's aesthetics focuses mainly on the reflections of light onto the lagoon. Consequently, the waters acquire a color above description. By extension, the whole landscape attains a dreamy feeling.

[Megakles Rogakos 05/2010]