EVANGELOS PAPPAS Group Portrait of Greek Fatherless Family ca. 1925 Kavala - x +

CN: PaEv1925kava

MT: silver print on paper mounted on card (15x10 / CD:23x17)

TX: signed with fountain pen at lower left of border <Photo-Club>, at right in Greek <E.Pappas / Kavala>

DN: Mr. Megakles Rogakos - 2006

CM: In light of the themes of Evangelos Pappas' previous photographic works, Group Portrait of Greek Fatherless Family in all probability depicts a refugee family of Asia Minor origins. In the period immediately after the so-called 'Asia Minor Catastrophe', there was an appetite among photographers in Greece to capture those families stripped of men in order to demonstrate the loss caused by the removal of able-bodied men from Ottoman Greek minority populations hundreds of these photographs exist depicting the desperate solitude of women and children. In this particular photograph, the awkwardness of the empty space, the sombre expressions and the mother's black dress with its traditional grieving connotations evokes the sense of someone unduly absent. On a practical note, the fact the location is recorded as Kavala, a prominent refugee town in northern Greece, only goes on to support this general hypothesis that Group Portrait of Greek Fatherless Family is an extension of the photographer's earlier works in Turkey - in so far as it provides a visual dimension to the genocide aftermath in Greece. [Nikolaos Hlamides 07/2008]

In the context of the 'Asia Minor Catastrophe', this Group Portrait of Greek Fatherless Family by Evangelos Pappas is considered to be a fine study of loss in a family as a result of the Greek genocide by Ottoman Turks. Notwithstanding the family's sorrowful expression, it is worth noticing how remarkably beautiful the faces of the sitters are, and how harmoniously the photographer composed the position of figures - the mother appropriately presiding in the center - against a dark background. [Megakles 07/2008]