THANASIS PALLAS (Greece, Thessaloniki b. 1961 / act: Thessaloniki)

Thanasis Pallas Thanasis Pallas was born on 27 August 1961 in Thessaloniki, Greece. He took his first art classes in childhood with George Paralis , at Athytos of Halkidiki (1966). He also took the following courses: Free Sketching and Design at the workshop of George Christopoulos and George Apotsos, Thessaloniki (1979-1980), Ioanna Manoledaki Painting & Plastic Workshop at the Architecture department of the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki (1980-1981), Graphic Arts at the Technological Educational Institute - TEI, Athens (1981-1985), Painting at the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki (1985-1990) with Stelios Koupengos, Manolis Giannadakis, George Katsaggelos, Xenis Sachinis and Dimitris Kontos, received scholarship from IKY for the School of Fine Arts in Berlin, workshop of Hirsig (1989-1990), Seminars in Holographie Labor Osnabruck, Osnabruck, Germany (1989-1990), Sculpture - Multimedia Computing in the School of Fine Arts in Hamburg (1991-1994) with Michael Lingner and Franz Erhard Walther, MA Meisterschule F.E. Walther at the School of Fine Arts in Hamburg (1994-1996), History of Art at the University of Hamburg (1996-1999).

Thanasis Pallas acquired the following professional experience: Designer at an Architecture Office in Thessaloniki (1980-1981), Design of Comics in 'Babel' and 'Day After' magazines of Ars Longa Publications, Athens (1983-1985), Freelancer for A dvertising & Publishing Companies in Thessaloniki, Teacher of Painting at Primary Schools in Thessaloniki (1986-1988), Design of Showroom for 'Diesel Sportswear', Thessaloniki (1988-1989), Associate of the Michael Kurz Office of Industrial Engineering, Berlin (1989-1990 ), Associate of Martin Fuertwaengler Printmaking Studio, Berlin (1989-1990), Art Director of 'Blue Syndicate' advertising company, Thessaloniki (1990-1991), Teacher of Painting in Hamburg, Stage design for Ploutos (Wealth) by Aristophanes for Theatrikon e.V., Hamburg (1991-1994), Professor of Painting, at high schools in the prefecture of Halkidiki (1998-2001), designer of logo for the Greek participation in Expo Die Weltausstellung, Hanover (1999), Lecturer of Fine Arts-Digital Image at the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki (2001 -2009), Assistant Professor of Fine Arts & Digital Image at the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki (2009).

Thanasis Pallas presented the following personal exhibitions: The Point that Sets Itself in Motion: Homage to Paul Klee & Seven Vowels, Kunstlerhaus Hamburg, Hamburg (1995); Choros / Raumdefinition, NL-Kampnagel, Hamburg (1996); Dys-Topia, Fournos Center for Digital Culture, Athens (2004); Scene, Goethe-Institut, Thessaloniki (2006). § He also took part in the following group exhibitions: 2nd Biennial of Young Artists of the Mediterranean, Thessaloniki (1986); Macedonia Award, Vellidio Cultural Center, Thessaloniki (1987); Photography, Institut Français, Thessaloniki (1988); Galerie Glaser, Hamburg (1990); Goethe-Institut, Thessaloniki (1993); Künstlerhaus Hamburg, Hamburg (1994); NL-Kampnagel, Hamburg (1997); XVI Biennale Méditerranéenne, Nice (1999); Four Systems, Haritos Gallery, Athens (1999); Paratiritis Gallery, Thessaloniki (2000); 1st Inter-Balkan Contemporary Art Miniature, Warehouse B', Port Authority of Thessaloniki - OLT, Thessaloniki (2002); cARTel, Gallery CheapArt, Athens (2005); Action Field Kodra : 6 th Festival of Visual Arts , Thessaloniki (2006); Panorma of Visual Arts in Greece, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (2006); In-Situations: Artworks in Time and Space by Contemporary Greek Artists, Municipal Art Gallery A. Tassos, Kalamata (2007); Silent Dialogues: Multimedia Portraits Throughout Time, The American College of Greece, Athens (2008). § He also organized the following exhibitions at the KX-Kunst auf Kampnagel, Hamburg: Argonautengang; Eroberung des Zentrums von den Flugeln Aus: Gabriele Basch, Astrid Herrmann and Peter Dombrowe and Heimatkunde: George Katsaggelos and Mario Spiliopoulos (1996). Artworks by Thanasis Pallas are kept at the following institutions: The American College of Greece.

Thanasis Pallas continues to live and work in Thessaloniki.

[Megakles Rogakos 08/2009]