ELPIDA PANONIDOU Without Title 2000 - x +

CN: PanE2000unti

MT: mixed media: found materials (35x31x3 / 16x19x3 / 19x21x1 / 19x14x1 / 21x15x3)

TX: signed with felt pen at rear upper left of #1 in Greek <E.PANONIDOU>, at upper left of #2 <E.PANONIDOU>, at lower left of #3 <E.PANONIDOU>, at lower left of #4 <E.Panonidou>, at upper left of #5 <E.Panonidou>

IL: Megakles Rogakos 2008, #181

CT: Astrolavos Art Galleries, Athens & Piraeus - 2007

LC: ACG Art Storage

CM: Elpida Panonidou's present Without Title work was part of her diplomatic disertation for the Athens School of Fine Arts. Panonidou always stages exhibitions by arranging figures or objects hidden in the space. This particular artwork differs from the main body of her work because herewith she appropriates old frames. In this case Panonidou was interested in the element of wear as experience. The sense of the passing of time endows the artwork with a real dimension. Equally attractive is the fact that the old frames force the relating materials into the vortex of time.

Panonidou's art is foremost anthropocentric. Characteristic of her work is a child figure without reference to a specific age. The child is the driver who will accompany viewers in their journey. In choosing interior landscape as her subject, what matters is not the specific geographical area, but the situation. The challenge for Panonidou is a sense of journey into the inner landscape. Although the vocabulary is linked to her personal biography, Panonidou wants her work to become the excuse for the journey of each viewer separately. The images diligently scattered in the area form stations to the journey. Aboard a boat that found land in the distance, the little black boy lifts a snail-shell to return to it back to the sea. As an alchemist isolated in the laboratory, the blind girl tests optical filters. On an unknown planet, the little black boy gets to learn the world by observing his body. Trapped in a conservative environment, two siblings learn to rely on one another. Against the joyous windmill, embroidered by her grandmother in the background, a child balances on the frame between past and future.

[Megakles Rogakos 08/2007]

ROGAKOS, MEGAKLES Silent Dialogues: Multimedia Portraits Throughout Time 2008 The American College of Greece, Athens