KOSTAS PANIARAS Egotopia 2009 - x +

CN: PanK2009egot

MT: acrylic on canvas (115x150)

TX: signed at lower right in Greek <PANIARAS>, inscribed with felt pen at rear upper right in English <"Egotopia 1" / PANIARAS / 2009>

DN: Mr. Kostas Paniaras - 2009

LC: ACG - Presidential Residence

CM: Kostas Paniaras continues the tradition of American Expresionists, who began from a 'zero' of their own, free from engagements or comparisons, achiev ing the synonym in art of freedom in America and delivery in Europe.

The present work of Kostas Paniaras continues the previous series entitled Utopia and is the first the series that followed entitled Egotopia. As the title suggests - Ego + Topos - the project combines the appearance of a landscape with the internal situation of self-portraiture. Paniaras' landscapes are like midday dreams, where one imagines things while being awake. The reference to nature is conceptual. Paniaras works as a spiritualist medium. Inspired by the subconscious he reveals a personal universe. He creates these works horizontally with liquid paints. So one color blends with another, without distinct points of separation. Paniaras knows how to manage the fortuitous effect of liquid material, allowing the work to perform a role in its own creation. The painter steps on the side and lets the work develop its personal fortune.

Paniaras uses common industrial paints, rid of any subjective meaning. The color, however, does its job, and the image produced cannot be described in words. The picture does not 'exist' but' appears'. It becomes a 'door' not of logic, but of consciousness. The time when an artwork comes to life and is revealed is equivalent to a major earthquake. The line of chartreuse hue, which is pulled horizontally on the blue background, has something of far eastern gesture about it. Art has to do with nature in its pure form, and the specificity of the hand's movement. "A hovering line expresses my personal need to fly", says Paniaras. The minimalist horizon suggests the simplification of content. In its conceptual expansion the horizon extends feelings, to where the self begins and ends.

[Megakles Rogakos 05/2009]