NIKOS YORGOS PAPOUTSIDIS (Egypt, Cairo b. 1954 / act: Athens)

Nikos Yorgos Papoutsidis Nikos Yorgos Papoutsidis was born on 4 July 1954. He studied at Bournemouth College of Art & Technology, Environmental Architecture with John King. He is a certificated member of the British Environmental Architects and Designers Association, honored with its 'Minerva Award'. Art History credits Papoutsidis as the inventor of the following inventions: 'Siderographima' (Irongraph) - a kind of art form in which painting and sculpture combine on metal plating; and 'Poem-Object' - a kind of art in which image and word complement each other.

Papoutsidis' activities include designing letter fonts and compositions with words; writing 'visual poetry'; and producing medals, prizes, jewellery, record covers, posters and open-air banners. He received commissions to create artworks for the Athens Concert Hall and the "Eleftherios Venizelos" Athens International Airport. He has periodically published short stories and articles in magazines and newspapers. Sculpted works by him can be found in the Athens Town Hall; the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Athens; the "Melina" Cultural Center; the KAT Hospital in Kifissia; the Macedonia Pallas in Thessaloniki; and in private collections in Greece and abroad. Permanent open-air sculptures by the artist can be found at Technopolis in Athens; at a square in the Municipality of Kifissia (a northern suburb of Athens ); and the Heroes' Monument of the Municipality of Paleo Faliro (a southern suburb of Athens ). His art Installations in open-air public places for cultural events include Akadimias Street, Athens (1996); symbols and banners on Syntagma Square, Athens (1997), the Book Festival at Pedion Areos, Athens (1997); and Athenian Being on Syntagma Square, Athens (1998). His published works include the following: The Wingbearer: Illustrated by Yannis Tsarouchis by Ikaros Editions, Athens (1984); Inarticullating a Opope by Ikaros Editions, Athens (1987); The Poem - Object: Letters, Words, Poems by Vourkariane Art Editions, Athens (1989); The Caryatides' Gaze by Adam Editions, Athens (1991); The Magic Exercise Book and its Pictures Patakis Editions, Athens (1994); Nikos Yorgos Papoutsidis : Works from 1990 to 1999 by Nereus Editions, Athens (1999); and Hail, Praise to the Athlete by the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Athens (2002).

Papoutsidis presented the following personal exhibitions: La Hune Brenner Gallery, Paris (1992 & 1995); The Poetry of the Object, Titanium Art Gallery, Athens (1993); They Have Arrived, Titanium Art Gallery, Athens (1996); Sculpture & Art Objects, Adam Gallery, Athens (1997); Iron Garden, Skoufa Gallery, Athens (1998); Voyage with the Ark, Technopolis, Athens (1999); Iron Reliefs, Kivotos Art Gallery, Athens (2000); Hail, Praise to the Athlete, Melina Mercouri Cultural Centre, Athens (2002); Hail, City: Sculptures to Scale, Adam Gallery, Athens (2003); Violet-Crowned Sculptures, Cultural and Sport Center of Paleo Phaliro Municipality, Athens (2005); Dragon-Collector, Adam Gallery, Athens (2005). He also took part in the following group exhibitions: Bridal Chambers, Maya Tsokli Gallery, Athens (1995); Painting to Poetry by Odysseus Elytis, Odysseus Elytis Art Galleries, Athens (1997); Levi's Art, Pierides Gallery, Athens (1997); Stamp Art, Melina Mercouri Cultural Center, Athens (1997); Art Quake, Benaki Museum, Athens (1999); Flowers to Welcome 2000, Ekfrasi - Yianna Grammatopoulou, Athens (1999); Nature, Kivotos Art Gallery, Athens (2000); Bleu Outremer, Kastela Art Gallery, Piraeus (2000); Progress, Multi-Space Athinais, Athens (2002); Microsculptures, Chamber of Formative Arts, Athens (2003); The World of Olive, Theofilos Museum, Mytilini Island (2004); The Game & The Sea's... Works, Adam Gallery , Athens (2005); and Silent Dialogues: Multimedia Portraits Throughout Time, ACG Art Gallery, The American College of Greece, Athens (2008).

Nikos Yorgos Papoutsidis currently lives and works in Athens.

[Megakles Rogakos 07/2007]