VASILIKI PAPANDREOU Passing II: My Mother 2004 - x +

CN: PapV2004pass

MT: wax with dry pigment on canvas (80x60)

DN: Ms. Vasiliki Papandreou in memory of her mother - 2006

MT: Passing II is the second painting in a series that shows the passage of time and the changes that time brings to the human body. Papandreou experienced intensely her mother's final years in the States, and witnessed the increasing decay of her body that reached the level of disintegration. Passing II was painted in the encaustic technique, whereby molten bees-wax is mixed with dry pigments, a method which retains the brilliancy of colors. This permanence of colors is rather ironic in relation to a painting that is meant to represent decay. The encaustic technique preoccupied Papandreou since the 1950s when she was studying the Fayum portraits. Passing II represents a full-scale portrait of the artist's mother at ninety-five, seated with a walker in front of her. Nevertheless, this is a psychographic portrait which is barely a basic description. Her face is represented with clarity and likeness. The gaze is intense and pierces the viewer. However, the flesh as well as the walker in front disappear by a light which seems to emanate from inside the body, as in some metaphysical way. The driping of colors accentuates the body's dissolution. Another metaphysical aspect seem to be the colors at the top of the painting, which convey the sensation of the sky, although the setting is indoors.

[Megakles 10/2006]