KONSTANTINOS PARDALIS Mind Debris 2006 [S] - x +

CN: ParK2006mind

MT: DVD (11:11)

ED: 3/4

DN: Mr. Stylianos-Sotirios Pardalis - 2007

CM: Konstantinos Pardalis' Mind Debris was his diplomatic dissertation for the post-graduate program 'Digital Artforms' of the Athens School of Fine Arts. Pardalis avoided to explain his work saying "If I engaged in the process of interpreting Mind Debris, it would become my own experience". However, it could be said that Mind Debris is a subjective approach to the phenomena of loss of innocence and the way towards self-knowledge. It's like a plunge in the deep most darknesses of the soul, with an aim to explore the sources of existence, and at the same time an expression of its affliction.

The work involves a fractured narrative in two parts. The first covers childhood, during which intense experiences are received and multiple aspects of reality are revealed. The second covers the coming-of-age during adolescence in which clash the instincts of the 'pro-ego' with the anti-instincts of the 'ego', what Jacques Lacan called "recognition of the self in the mirror". It is this clash that leads in the breakdown expressed by anguish and neurosis. The tension and the dramatic crescendo of the scenes are evoked by means of the technique of asthmatic rhythms. In the end, when time is dilated, the perpetuation of the present situation is announced as the constant battle between pro-ego and ego, and the inability to restore the shuttered self. The painful atmosphere corresponds to man's disposal to ignore the sad reality - the so-heard "better not knowing". The doll, which is gutted by the father/rapist, is a reference to childhood's traumatic experiences. The stitching with the needle is terrifying yet healing - a symbol of restoring psychic and physical injuries. In general Mind Debris is like a post-mortem anatomy examining the remains of man as they are, without any feel for amelioration. Man is faced with the memories and feelings of the present and the past. It is, as the creator says characteristically, "a wavering of the soul between the tyranny of the past and the chaos of the future".

[Megakles 06/2007]

PARDALIS, KONSTANTINOS Diplomatic Dissertation: Mind Debris 2006 Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens