YANNIS PARMAKELIS Growth of Cube 1977 - x +

CN: ParY1977cube

MT: aluminum and bronze (76x42x62)

DN: Mr. Yannis Parmakelis - 2005

CM: The cube as form and concept has preoccupied Parmakelis since the beginning of his art. He recalls, as a student, how the shape of the cube would make him stop and ponder all of its aspects. It is solid, plain, austere, and absolute. Noticing that the cube does not appear as such in nature, the idea got into Parmakelis that the cube - perhaps more so than any other solid - is par excellence an invention of the human mind. By extension it comes to represent the creativity and genius of mankind. As opposed to other cubes we are aware of or imagine, the Cubes of Parmakelis stand upright, either on their edge or corner. In that way, the cube is awakened and feels like a star. When the cube rotates along its diagonal axis it draws the shape of a sphere. The passage from its solid to a transversal state resulted from Parmakelis' desire to rotate it, in order to understand its inner structure, to deconstruct it, while retaining its essence as a cube. In search of the many ways by which to rotate the cube, Parmakelis chose to use various materials; such as wood, stone, metal, and perspex. For the aluminium version of the present Growth of Cube, Parmakelis worked on all of the thirty-one surfaces that comprise its volume in eight groups. To create the feeling of growth - for the cube to rotate in itself - he designed each of the surfaces within the parameters of the cube proper. The growth is reflected with slight variations from one surface to the other. Once the cube's rotation begins it does not cease to grow, but retains its fundamental features. During its process of growth Parmakelis chooses to accentuate its vertical axis, and to make it evolve according to its archetypal dictates. All of its energy seems to concentrate on its apex at the top. In this condition the cube assumes its artistic value. It begins to 'speak' the visual language of form, shape, and motion. The cube transcends its physicality to become metaphysical. Nevertheless, its growth is everlasting. The possibilities of the cube's growth are infinite, either in response to technology and new materials, or compositionally in relation to other cubes, even itself.

[Megakles Rogakos 03/2005]

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