ELENI PAVLOPOULOU Strings 2000 - x +

CN: PavE2000stri

MT: charcoal and acrylic on canvas (100x100x4)

TX: signed with charcoal at lower right of picture in Greek <E. PAVLOPOULOU>

CT: Astrolavos Art Galleries, Athens & Piraeus - 2007

LC: ACG Art Storage

CM: Eleni Pavlopoulou said:"This work is part of the studies I did over a long period of time and which has identified the evolution of my work. This concerns the so-called 'musicality' in the rhythm of a painting. The issues of form, tone, color, counterpoint, contrast, rhythm, consonance, drama, lyricism, complexity, that concern musical 'speech', are parallel or similar to issues concerning visual thought. To field of musical exercise is time while that of painting is space. I noted that by drawing from nature and trying to highlight a strong visual equivalent, would ensue forms, key points and lines - lines repeated serially but also running or slashing larger forms. And all the elements together would evoke something reminiscent of musical composition. Being, moreover, sensitive to the Pythagorean theory for the music of the universe but also to the modern theory of physics and the cosmology of strings or superstrings, I dare entitle this work 'Strings' visually implying the secret rhythm and pulse of everything. I hope that these remarks may clarify rather than exaggerate."The present abstract composition resulted with landscape in mind. Pa v lopoulou prepared a layer of wild finish referring to a field, at the moment nature becomes yellow and turns to a cosmological source. The painter feel s that the landscape outside reflects the inside, as cartography of the soul. The palette is minimalist and based on a balance of cold and warm hues. The surface is covered by tones and subtle shades of yellow and black. Yellow looks like rays of light that slash the dark earth, as if they are plough it.

[Megakles Rogakos 10/2009]