LIBERTY POLYZOU Panagiotis Tetsis 2006 Athens - x +

CN: PolL2006tets

MT: C-print on paper (50x70 / F:58x78x2)

CT: Art-Act, Athens - 2008

CM: Liberty Polyzou's photograph entitled Panagiotis Tetsis belongs to a series of artists' portraits that she took in the period 1997-2007, and was presented on the 14th International Month of Photography at ArTower in Athens, curated by Thanassis Moutsopoulos. This body of work preseved a testament for the future and recorded a historical period of Greek art and their most important proponents. Liberty's dedication was focused especially on historical figures of the great Teachers of contemporary figurative art, whom she studied and fell passionately in love with. During her countless and endless meetings with the artists, Liberty raised her camera and took photographs of them in unsuspected moments. Such work was presented for the first time in Greece and is proof of the fertile interrelationship between the kindred artforms of painting and photography.

Liberty Polyzou was a personal friend of Panagiotis Tetsis and has collaborated with him in artistic aspects over many years. The present photograph was taken in Tetsi's studio, on Xenokratous Street in Athens, where he is working since 1960. Compositionally Tetsis occupies the center of the photograph on a first plane. His right arm rests on a frame and his one hand ends up holding the other, thus forming a conceivable circle. The artist appears to wear clothes in cold colors as opposed to the background which is replete with ochres from stretchers and frames. The photographer caught Tetsis in a moment of absoloute calm and scepticism. According to Liberty this position betrays the sitter's wisdom and his artistic completion.

[Megakles 04/2008]