ILIAS POULOS Psyché 2009 = - x +

CN: PouI2009psyc

MT: mixed media: wax and water in crystal (Ø:35x28)

CT: Art-Act, Athens - 2009

CM: Ilias Poulos began experimenting with wax as material already since 1986. In 1999 experimentation led him to the series of works entitled Psyché, which concern crystal bowls with water and wax. The word 'Psyché' in Greek shares the same route with the word 'psygeion' (refrigerator). For the ancient Greeks the psyché was originally in a liquid state and upon entering the human body became hardened and acquired form. In all of Poulos' artworks randomness plays an important role. The Psyché series belongs to the most unpredictable works that he has produced. He finds it exciting that at the time of their creation, as the wax is poured into water, it is impossible to control it. Poulos uses natural beeswax that is characterized by flexibility and durability. For the present work he chose the black color that creates strange visual effects especially in relation to light.

After presenting works from the Psyché series, Poulos learned that in Siberia and Central Asia shamans treat patients with a candle ritual, which is related to his own artistic effect. According to tradition, the patient goes to the shaman for a problem. The shaman pours molten wax in a pot with water. Supposedly, the wax collects all the negative energies of the patient. Then, the shaman tells the patient's future based on the form taken by the wax. In that sense the present work holds the secret about the creator at the moment of creation.

[Megakles Rogakos 04/2009]