MEROPE PREKA Aurora 1984 - x +

CN: PreM1984auro

MT: egg tempera on paper (50x35 / F:71x56x2)

TX: inscribed at lower right <Meropy Preka '84>, inscribed with felt pen at lower center <Aurora>, in Greek <Merope Preka / painter>

IL: Megakles Rogakos 2008, #202

DN: Aigokeros Gallery, Athens - 2007

LC: ACG Communications Building, Graduate School, Office #3112 of Ms. Maria Kritikou

CM: Merope Preka's Aurora (Spring) derives from a series of the same name that she started in the early 1980s, at the time she was looking for countenances for portraits of saints. In this series, Aurora appears in the traditional manifestation of a girl wearing a wreath of flowers on her long hair, symbolizing the season of spring that celebrates nature, life, and love. The portrait starts with a specific model (whose face is said to resemble that of the painter's daughter, but is not far removed - as is customary in portraiture - from a self-portrait) and ends up at the idea of spring. It seems that Aurora's eyes are the starting point of the portrait and that the rest of it develops around them. The work's execution is characteristically free. Indeed, Preka avoids preliminary drawing, so that she can achieve that spontaneous quality of freedom that characterizes her art. Here she uses a pallete of cold colors dominated by purple, in whose various shades expresses that which is dreamlike and psychedelic. The flowers in Aurora's hair form a dense wreath of anemones, which enabled the artist to use her favorite color, purple. Although the blue eyes could be taken for natural, here they lend the portrait its metaphysical dimension. The bright background reveals an endless sky.

[Megakles Rogakos 03/2007]

ROGAKOS, MEGAKLES Silent Dialogues: Multimedia Portraits Throughout Time 2008 The American College of Greece - ACG Art, Athens