MARINA PROVATIDOU Anapnoi (Breath) 2009 - x +

CN: ProM2009anap

MT: monotype: water based ink on paper (79x59 / P:100x70 / F:104x74x4)

TX: inscribed with pencil at lower left in Greek <Monotype>, at center <Anapnoi>, signed at right <Marina Provatidou imp 2009>

ED: 1/1

DN: Ms. Maria Papadima - 2009

CM: "I imagine the inside of the body not as a slimy pink flesh, but as a field of memories, like a forest of situations and experiences." Engraving the human torso Marina Provatidou does not mimic nature but rather represents the idea of a body devoid of organs yet full of writings as energy. The interior of the body is made up entirely from tracings of abstract patterns. ";When boundaries and borders of a form break down all that remains are traces of an experience".

With Anapnoi (Breath) Provatidou presents a psycholog raph ical profile of the human breath. The picture renders the air inside the human body, as it forks its way into the cells of the lungs. It gives a sense of the vertical inhalation and exhalation of breath. The red color identifies the feelings of man, that reside in his body till breath externalises them.

An X-ray of the human torso was Provatidou's source of inspiration for the present artwork. As if she disected the torso, she represents all that she sees with 'other' eyes inside of him - breath giving the feeling of a human map as geography. Reading through such map the viewer feels that he sees a piece of the universe. Because when man arrives at his end and is dissolved all that remains of him is the universe alone. Parting from life he enters another dimension, which he has never encountered and cannot perceive and that is equivalent to the metaphysical, the point beyond nature. "The bones of the human universe are ruptured, sailing through the limits of the absolute" says Provatidou.

[Megakles Rogakos 02/2009]