VASILIKI PSARROU Caging 2006 [R/P/V] - x +

CN: PsaV2006cage

MT: mixed media sculpture: rope, glue and acrylic on paper mache (80x47x28)

DN: Mr. Thanassis Moutsopoulos - 2008

CM: Vasiliki Psarrou's Caging is part of a series of works on the contemporary human condition. For Caging Psarrou created a male thorax from pulp, painted it in black color and weaved a net over its surface. Psarrou chose to render the human skin with black color in order to express the concept of vacuum, deletion and conviction, isolation and loneliness. She was interested in representing the body characterless and abstract, without realistic or special features so that it may refer to the entire human species. Thus, the thorax resembles container that cages its shadow, like a body that at the same time 'is' and 'is not' - a situation with which everyone may identify. The elaborate knitting of the net covers the entire body, becoming denser to indicate especially the function of the stomach and the heart. Indeed, in the head, the rope traverses points impeding all senses - hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell - which will expose him even more to manipulation. In this respect, Psarrou presents the doings of 'Arachne' (spider goddess), weaving a web over the human, tight enough as to immobilize him and turn him into her victim.

Psarrou is interested in the concept of caging as an allegory for the anxiety of contemporary man. She feels humans turn to become objects, and as such to be subject to manipulation. People get trapped when involved in situations that arise beyond their control and despite their desire. People are caging either due to personal weakness or the imposition of powers. People fall in despair from the interception of their privacy, and the control of their attitudes and beliefs. Caging eloquently expresses the trauma of human existence. Through her work, Psarrou may not propose solutions as such, but she identifies the problem and resorts to creative expression as its elixir.

[Megakles 07/2008]

MOUTSOPOULOS, THANASSIS The Big Sleep 2008 A. Tassos Municipal Gallery, Kalamata