WILLIAM H. RAU City Hall of New York ca. 1900 USA - x +

CN: RaWH1900newy

MT: stereoscopic picture: albumen print on paper, mounted on card (8x16 / C:9x18)

TX: printed at left of margin vertically <Sold only by Griffith & Griffith / PHILADELPHIA, CHICAGO, LONDON, HAMBURG, GER. MILAN, ITALY.>, at right <William H. Rau, Publisher, / Philadelphia, Pa.>, at lower right horizontally <2760 City Hall. New York.>

DN: Mr. Megakles Rogakos 2008

LC: ACG Art Storage

CM: The City Hall of New York is a building prettily situated in City Hall Park, north of the Post Office, and is made of Massachusetts marble, with numerous columns in the Greek style ornamenting its principal facade, which is the one shown in the view. The Hall is somewhat over 60 meters in length by 30 meters in breadth. It is crowned by a clock-tower which is lit at night. There is a library in the building. A large collection of portraits of prominent men who have figured in the annals of the city in the interior rooms, besides certain mementoes of Washington, chairs used at the first Congress, etc. The date of erection of the City Hall was 1803 ; and the general style of the architecture, as well as the workmanship, will compare very favorably with later efforts, which too often sacrifice substantial qualities to mere showy effect. The Internet Archive - IA seems to date Rau's group of 12 "lantern slides" of New York City in 1889.

[Megakles Rogakos 12/2008]