MAYA-MARIA REMOUNDI My World 1992 [C] - x +

CN: ReMM1992worl

MT: oil, enamel and varnish on linen within wooden frame (55x50 / 50x55 / T:88x55x60)

IL: Fractal Art 1997 [unpaginated]

DN: Aristides Papantonopoulos Family in memory of Maya-Maria Remoundi - 2009

CM: Whoever met Maya-Maria Remoundi discovered an amalgam of beauty and acuity, creativity and carelessness, vivacity and introversion. Above all Remoundi was an unconventional artist, who experimented as much with her subject as with materials and the presentation of her works in space. Indeed, at the beginning of the 90s, towards the end of her stay in Paris, Remoundi's art was at her most groundbreaking phase. She affected the painting surface with mixed media that created strange effects, while they were difficult to diagnose. Moreover, she gave a new impetus to the concept of polyptych painting, resorting to a vertical juxtaposition of levels and a different joining solution for every case.

The present diptych, entitled My World, is one of the smallest in size but typical in principle composition. The two levels meet together vertically in a small part of their sides, thus creating a diagonal composition in space. Such juxtaposition enhances the dynamism of the composition - parts of two orbits, of which the one rotating around its partially visible nucleus ignores, which appears as the main one. Under the title My World this work rather refers to the particular visual manner of Remoundi who -as known- broke with the mainstream. That is why, despite its small size by comparison to others, this one is perhaps of the most important and autobiographical of her works.

[Megakles Rogakos 05/2009]

PAPADOPOULOU / REMOUNDI / BEM & DRAKOPOULOS Fractal Art 1997 Zita-Mi Art Gallery, Athens