THANASSIS RENTZIS (Greece, Achaia, Egion b. 1947 / act: Athens)

Thanassis Rentzis Thanassis Rentzis was born on 29 March 1947 in Egion of Achaia, Greece. He started his first cycle of studies in film direction at the age of 16 at the Athens School of Theater - Cinema. In 1968 he established with Fotis Karamitsos, Stavros Poulakis and Thanassis Kastaniotis the interdisciplinary study group 'Government, New Media & Cinema'. In the beginning of 1970 he established with Dimitris Spentzos the Experimental Film Center, which ran for three years. He then conscribed into the army. In 1973 he made his first film with Nikos Zervos, Black-White. In 1974 he founded the magazine 'Film', aiming at the theoretical study of the 7th Art. In 1975 he created the film Bio-Graphia. He earned the 3rd Prize at the Thessaloniki Film Festival - TFF. He received a distinction at the International Festival of Bologna and Rotterdam for his prominent experimentation. That same year Exantas issued the screenplay of his film. In 1977 he created Fiction for Expo Arte at Bari and Kastaniotis published in the form of booklet his study The Cinema's Avant-Gardes. In 1978 he collaborated with Ianis Xenakis at Polytopos of Mycenae. In 1979 he created Corpus and received a distinction in Thessaloniki, Varna and Verona. Then he engaged with the union, and served as secretary and president of the Greek Directors' Guild and as a member of the presidency of La Fédération Européenne des Réalisateurs de l'Audiovisuel - FERA. He was the keynote speaker for issues of the cinema and new media of the Greek Open Uinversity. In 1980 Kastaniotis published his book for the film Corpus. In 1981 he created the Electric Angel and was honored with a special award for the his experimental character at the TFF and received the award for best music. Pyli Publications released his anthology Cinema. In t he years 1985-1986 he produced The Greek Typography series for Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation - ET1. In 1986 he reorganized the TFF. In 1988 he was appointed director of recreation for ET1, and stayed until 1990. In the years 1991-1992 he run in collabaration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki the Lexicorama program. In 1992 he created the music documentary The Athenian Fusion for Arte. He planned and directed the multimedia program The Centenary of the Olympic Games 1896-1996. In 1998 he created in collabration with the National Technical University of Athens - NTUA the film Silent Machines. From 1999 to 2003 he directed the documentary program The Culture of the Olive, and Crocetti & Kastaniotis published a limited edition portfoglio of 63 photolithographs entitled Eleas Eikasmata (Olive Visuals). Then he participated in the scientific committee of the international conference Tragedy Then and Now: From Aristotle to the 3rd Millennium and the National and Kapdistrian University of Athens & Kastaniotis published the tribute with 58 photolithographs entitled Homage to Aristotle. In 2004 Diatton Publications released the collectors folio The Kiss of Cleopatra. He has published many articles and studies, collaborating with many Athenian newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, and special tributes. He has participated in numerous film festivals, conferences and seminars and has given many lectures on his work and media in general. Since 2001 he teaches at the graduate program of digital forms of art at the Athens School of Fine Arts - ASFA, the lesson of aesthetics in the cinema.

[Megakles Rogakos 03/2009]