THANASSIS RENTZIS Apotypomata: Front 2008 - x +

CN: RenT2008apo2

MT: etching on paper, matted and glazed within wooden frame (47x32 / F:65x50)

TX: signed with pencil at lower right of picture in Greek <Rentzis>, at left <A.P.>

TX: signed with pencil at lower right of picture in Greek <Rentzis>, at left <A.P.>

LC: ACG Art Store

DN: Mr. Thanassis Rentzis - 2009

CM: The Apotypomata (Prints) is one body of works in six parts. The series presents the human fingerprint as a central part of the personality which, although unchangeable, may take different forms, as the individual images demonstrate. Rentzis used the same fingerprint of his index as a starting point and -in the process- produced an array of completely different visual aspects with reference to the multidimensional nature of the human personality / entity / soul.

Rentzis' Apotypomata became manifest in three stages. He published the first version as a cover for the 'Film' magazine in 1975. In a second phase in 1979, Rentzis reused the same print and experimented with different variations for his film Corpus, especially in the section entitled Sanguis, which means blood (with reference to the blood of different people as compatible when it circuklates in the body or as common when collectively spilled in battle). In the third phase Apotypomata were displayed at the 5th European Film Festival BalkAnima in Belgrade in 2008. In this phase Rentzis responded to an invitation to present material that he used to produce his film, at which point he magnified on paper some variations which formed the basic forms in his film. The Apotypomata lead to call at the front and profile photograph of a person when the author was 25 years.

[Megakles Rogakos 03/2009]