RHOMAÏDÈS FRÈRES Municipal Theater ca. 1890 Athens - x +

CN: RhoF1890thea

MT: albumen print on paper mounted on card, glazed within original gilt wood frame (16x23 / F:27x35x2)

TX: printed at lower right of picture <27>

DN: Mr. Megakles Rogakos - 2008

CM: Portrayed herewith is the Municipal Theater in Athens as photographed by Rhomaïdès Frères at about 1890. A slightly different view from a lower angle of the same building with people seating at its entrance signposted "Club des Artistes" is reproduced in the album entitled Athens 1839-1900: A Photographic Record (Benaki Museum 2004). The Municipal Theater's foundations were laid on Kotzias Square, opposite the Town Hall in 1873, and the building was completed in 1888 thanks to the funds donated by Andreas Syngros (1830-1899). It was demolished in 1940/1.

The opera "Marathon - Salamis" of the Heptanisian composer Pavlos Karrer (1829-1896) was commissioned by the government to launch the Municipal Theater of Athens in 1888. The reason the work did not eventually open the Municipal Theater of Athens, was that the Church had responded to the scene with the oracle of Delphi, because they could not tolerate seeing on stage Greeks worshiping their ancestral religion. The Church responses were coordinated of the society of the National Music School, which based on its ideology of "the Eastern Orthodox Church" hated everything Ionian as "outlandish Italian bel canto" and curbed any attempt to developm Greek art music with the help of Heptanisian composers.

[Megakles Rogakos 12/2008]

FANI CONSTANTINOU & ALIKI TSIRGIALOU (Eds.) Athens 1839-1900: A Photographic Record 2004 Benaki Museum, Athens, p.253