YANNIS RITSOS Untitled: Brotherhood ca. 1975 - x +

CN: RitY1975brot

MT: mixed media: India ink on limeplaster including terracotta (21x29x7)

PR: Mr. Kimon Friar - 1993

CM: This is one of many works on stone painted by Ritsos in the 1970s. This stone seems to be petrified mortar encorporating a piece of terracotta smoothened by weathering. In keeping with his libertine spirit, Ritsos hardly gave his works titles, would not keep a record of their date, and would not sign his finished works. Instead he was primarily concerned with creation as process and as a vehicle for ideology. The process by which he worked may be described as 'low-tone'. Upon encountering found material that triggered his imagination Ritsos observed closely its physicality and sought ways in which merely to accentuate or underline its existing natural beauty. In respect of his appropriation he was rather cautious about distorting the fundamental nature of his materials. He then traced a design on the material’s surface with a pencil, and - if he was satisfied - went over it with India ink. This example of his drawing is particularly fine for its harmony with the material. The stone represents two undressed busts of men bending symmetrically on either side of - what may be - a laurel branch. The idea Ritsos may have had in relation to this untitled work is likely to have been 'brotherhood', hence the subtitle.

[Megakles Rogakos 02/2005]