PLATON RIVELLIS (Greece, Athens b. 1945 / act: Athens)

Platon Rivellis Platon Rivellis was born on 23 November 1945 in Athens, Greece. He studied Law in Athens (1963-1968), Political Sciences in Paris (1968-1970) and Photography in the USA (1983). He worked as a lawyer in Athens for twelve years (1971-1983). He has been teaching Photography since 1981 in various venues. He has organised the model departments of Photography of 'Laïki Epimorphosi' (Ministry of Education - Adult Educational Programmmes) and taught its instructors. He has edited a series of programmes on Photography shown on Greek National Television; he also edited many photographic books and curated many exhibitions. He has delivered numerous seminars and lectures on photography in Athens, Cyprus and elsewhere. He has exhibited his work in both solo and group exhibitions. His articles have been published in numerous Greek newspapers and magazines. He is the director of Photohoros Publications. In 1988 he founded the 'Photography Circle', of which he is the President. He is the author of several books.

Platon Rivellis has curated the following photographic exhibitions: 30 Personal Exhibitions, Photohoros Gallery in Athens (1984-1988); 100 Personal Exhibitions, Photohoros Gallery in Athens (1990-2003); 21 Personal Exhibitions, Photohoros Gallery, Thessaloniki (1993-1996); Photography Circle Members, National Gallery - Alexander Soutzos Museum, Athens (1989); Greek Photographers, Montreal (1989); International Month of Photography in Athens: Photography Circle Members, Booze Gallery, Athens (1989, 1991); Photography Circle Members, Transit Gallery, Strasbourg (1990); Les Belles Etrangères: Portraits of Greek Writers by Photography Circle Members, French Ministry of Culture, Paris (1990); Photography Circle Members, Athens City Hall Arts Centre, Athens (1990, 1992, 1994); Photography Circle Members, University of Patras, Peloponnese (1992); Photography Circle Members, Mylos Art Center, Thessaloniki (1993, 1994); Photography Circle Members, Kalamata - Nafpaktos - Hania (1993); Photography Circle Members, Karditsa (1994); 5 Personal Exhibitions, Danaos Cinema, Athens (1994); 3 Personal Exhibitions, Institute Français, Thessaloniki (1994); Photography Circle Members, Stemnitsa (1994); 10 Personal Exhibitions, Diavassis Gallery, Athens (1997-2003); Cypriot and Greek Photographers, Gate of Famagusta, Nicosia - House of Cyprus, Athens (1998); Photography Circle Members, House of Cyprus, Athens (1998); 6th International Month of Photography in Athens: 8 Personal Exhibitions, Athens (1999).

Platon Rivellis has written and edited a great number of books on photography. He has also written the foreword for and contributed some of his photographs to the following albums: Photography Circle (Gnossi Publications), Photography Circle (Greek Centre of Photography), The Circle, Ten Years, Cyprus, Six Photographic Journeys (Photohoros Publications) and Athens 2001: Aspects and Views (Photohoros and Benaki Museum). He has edited and presented thirteen programmes The Art of Photography for the Greek National Television, and four programmes About Photography for the Greek Educational Television. He has taken part in several round table discussions on photography at the Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art in Andros - Institute Français of Athens - National Bank of Greece. He is a regular columnist and a Photography critic for the major Greek newspaper T a Nea, as well as for the magazine Photographos, a weekly supplement of the Greek newspaper Kathimerini. Several of his articles have been published in reviews such as, Eidolo, Photopolitismos, Aerostato, Minima, Photohoros, Arttime etc.

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