STEFANOS ROKOS Spiral & Space 2002 - x +

CN: RokS2002spir

MT: mixed media: pencil and acrylic on silkscreen print on paper (42x70 / F:57x85x3)

ED: 1/1

TX: inscribed with pencil at lower left <1/1 imp>, signed with pencil at right <Stefanos Rokos 02>

DN: Mr. Stefanos Rokos - 2007

CM: Stefanos Rokos' Spiral & Space is a work emblematic of contemporary printmaking for its style and techinique. The style is loose with regard to the rendering of anatomical qualities. In the right part of the picture appears obscurely the group of two women, one covered by fabric and the other nude next to the former. In his effort to offer an impression rather than a reading, the author prefers vagueness rather than clarity. In keeping with all of Rokos' works, Spiral & Space has its own narrative, which the artist intends to leave open for the sake of the beholders' imagination. It could however be observed that the two women of the group seem to distance one from the other despite their dense composition in space. A spiral of tension and energy is aroused, which shutters the boundaries of one in relation to the other. Noteworthy about this work's technique is the typographical repetition of the group of figures in horizontal distance towards the right end of the picture. In this case however the repetition is barely manifest as its appearance is interrupted by the limits of the picture, and its perpetuity is merely implied. Such a repetition is obscured even more with the help of the color, which differentiates the sensation of perpetuity.

[Megakles Rogakos 08/2007]