GIORGOS SALTAFEROS Nocturne 2009 - x +

CN: SalG2009noct

MT: watercolor on paper (23x66 / F:42x85x5)

TX: signed with pencil at lower right of picture in Greek <Saltaferos '09>

DN: Mr. Dimosthenis Gallis - 2009

CM: The Nocturne of Giorgos Saltaferos belongs to a series of works that began in 2007. Their theme is industrial landscape as exposed in the light of the night. This Nocturne presents a shipyard. At the lower left are containers forming red rectangles. The rope of ships inscribe red lines. The silhouette of a ship is described by blue patterns that pass through shades of green before they disappear in the dark. Whilst Saltaferos' works reference real places, the present shipyard is completely imaginary, which may explain the high degree of the image's abstraction. Saltaferos' primary concern is the composition - the work's geometric structure and the growth of relationships between objects. These qualities characterise the whole and impose themselves througout the entire project. Saltaferos permits as many recognizable points as required to avoid a description and give his work a semiological dimension. Generally he is interest in the condition of chiaroscuro because it has the ability distort and manages to create a game between fantasy and reality. The nocturnal condition offers the challenge of observation. Saltaferos gives importance to the process that activates the eye in the night light to identify and perceive things. The abstracting ability of darkness alters things and changes their shapes. A trained eye allows the reduction and intensification of things at night to transform reality.

[Megakles Rogakos 09/2009]