ALIKI SAPOUNTZI Mikis Theodorakis conducts "March of the Spirit" 1970 London - x +

CN: SapA1970theo

MT: Giclée print on paper (76x76 / F:130x130x3)

ED: 2/30

TX: signed with felt pen at lower right <Aliki Sapountzi 2007>

DN: Mrs. Aliki Sapountzi - 2007

CM: Mikis Theodorakis (b. Chios Island, 29 Jyly 1925) is one of the most popular Greek songwriters and composers, probably best known for his songs and for his scores for the films Zorba the Greek (1964), Z (1969), and Serpico (1973). Politically, he identified with the left until the late 1980s; in 1989, he ran as an independent candidate within the center-right New Democracy party in order for the country to come out of the political crisis that had been caused by the center-left political PASOK party and helped to establish a large coalition between conservatives, socialists and leftists. In 1990 he was elected to the parliament (as in 1964 and 1981), became a government minister under the Mitsotakis regime, and fought against drugs and terrorism and for culture, education and better relations between Greece and Turkey. Even so, he was the key voice against the Greek Junta 1967-1974, which imprisoned him, and continues to speak out in favour of left-liberal causes.

Aliki Sapountzi said: "I grew up in love with the music of Mikis Theodorakis. It never occurred to me then that, one day, I would have the opportunity to meet and photograph the composer. Whilst living in London in the '60s and '70s I had been very involved in documenting every demonstration against the Greek dictatorship, and every concert organised to raise awareness of the appalling plight of Greece and the Greek people. When Mikis arrived in London I was there, one of the 'followers' of a very humble man!"

After his release from the Oropos concentration camp in April 1970, Mikis Theodorakis (b. Chios Island, 29 July 1925) was exiled to Paris. During this time he was invited to conduct at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The concert would include the first performance of March of the Spirit, the music Theodorakis composed during his captivity. Aliki Sapountzi recounts that on the night, the auditorium was packed to overflowing, the atmosphere was electric, and a very moving and inspiring concert ensued. She says: "This photograph, which to me epitomises the depth and intensity of feeling Mikis pours into his work, was taken during one of the rehearsals at the Walthamstow Town Hall on 26 June 1970." Sapountzi's photograph captures Theodorakis with arms raised in a gesture of conducting that makes his hands resemble the wings of a dove. This photograph was chosen to adorn the cover of record for March of the Spirit, issued in 1974.

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