ANDREAS SCHINAS Wedding Day: Grandfather and Granddaughter 1995 Kastella [R/F] - x +

CN: SchA1995wedd

MT: silver print on paper, matted and glazed within wooden frame by Sdarlis (31x21 / F:52x42x3)

IL: Andreas Schinas: Wedding Day 1997, cover; Platon Rivellis 2011, p.77

CT: Photography Circle, Athens - 2008

LC: Athens Laboratory of Business Administration - ALBA, Computer Lab Lobby, Level 1

CM: Grandfather and Granddaughter belongs to a series of photographs that Andreas Schinas took at weddings. While the persons Schinas photographs, may be foreign to him, nevertheless the imagery exerts onto him the pleasure of uvoyeurism. This photo was taken at a wedding of 6 May 1995 at the church of the Prophet Elias at Kastella of Piraeus. Schinas found the relationship between grandfather - granddaughter of greater interest than any other aspect of this wedding. The photograph betrays the love of the granddaughter for her grandfather and the grandfather's happiness for the charms of his granddaughter. Especially the grandfather - granddaughter relationship concerns a situation on the verge of life's cycle, in the first case of the closing and in the second of the new start. Herewith the grandfather is presented content with his full life, while granddaughter acquires the additional role of a bridesmaid as a symbol of chastity and purity. For the subject's eloquence, Schinas chose this photo to adorn the cover of his album entitled Wedding Day (1995). Although photographic coverage of weddings is usually commissioned in color film, Schinas insisted on black-and-white photography, which brings out an unadorned appreciation of reality.

[Megakles Rogakos 11/2008]

ALBUM Andreas Schinas: Wedding Day 1997 Photohoros Editions, Athens
RIVELLIS, PLATON Andreas Schinas: Photographs 2011 Photohoros Editions, Athens