JUDITH SHAW From the Sea of Quantum Light 1988 - x +

CN: ShaJ1988ligh

MT: oilstick on paper, matted and glazed within wooden frame (50x40 / F:72x63x2)

TX: signed with pen at lower right <Judith Shaw / 1988>

DN: Mr. Costas Evangelatos - 2002

LC: ACG - John S. Bailey Library, Office of Librarian

CM: My work has been deeply affected by my studies of myth and ancient cultures. The work is layered with ancient symbols and modern processes. My style is one of abandon within control. The images are discovered in the process of painting, maintaining a fine balance between control and letting go. The underlying theme of all of the work is of the interconnectedness of all life. The work expresses my belief in a world where spirit manifests in physical form. The work is layered - with paint; with feelings of body and soul as one whole… the indescribable nature of another dimension... the interconnectedness of all life. § Living on the island of Lesbos in the late 1980's was a very special time for me. During this time people on the island still lived very close to the land. I think this pervasive feeling of being connected to the land allowed something deep and ancient to open in me. I began to express my belief that we are all connected, that body and soul are one whole, by the breaking up of space into separate but connected forms. § In the piece, From the Sea of Quantum Light, I was working with concepts that were just starting to form in my mind's eye. This piece attempts to make visual the concept of the one source from which all physical life manifests. It's very interesting to look at this drawing from where I am today. In 1988, I had no consciousness of quantum physics, or sacred geometry. Today both philosophies figure strongly in my work. This piece is a pre-verbal, purely visual expression of the many emerging from the one. I began to envision this reality long before I had any understanding of it intellectually. [Judith Shaw to Megakles Rogakos 12/11/2010]